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Part Source - Vehicle spares information bureau.
Code of Conduct and Ethics
It is hereby declared that the member, employees and all Licensees of SA Online
will at all times adhere to the following code of conduct and code of ethics.
  • To use computer technology and services to solve business problems for many different type of clients.
  • To help eliminate confusion arising from computing terminology and accept the responsibility for educating the layman in this regard.
  • To improve skills and technical performance of data processing management and personnel.
  • To create an honest mutual business association with clients to the financial benefit of both.
  • To behave at all time with integrity. A member or employee will not knowingly lay claim to a level of competence not possessed and will at all times exercise competence at least to the level claimed.
  • To inform our client in an honest way of our products and to express the terms of any agreements clearly and precisely and than fulfil these agreements in good faith.
  • To accept the responsibility of assisting our customers towards effective information processing solutions.
  • To act with impartiality when purporting to give independent advice and must disclose any relevant interests.
  • To accept full responsibility for any work undertaken and will construct and deliver that which has been agreed upon.
  • To encourage professional behaviour and a high standard of service to clients to ensure that the employees are acquainted with the code.
  • To not engage in discriminatory practises in activities on any basis whatsoever.
  • To promote the effective use of data processing as an instrument for social and economic good, and to counter the confusions and misconceptions that sometimes accompany the use of computers.
  • To pledge our organisation to be a good corporate citizen, fulfilling its responsibilities to the communities, which it serves, as well as the broader community in which we operate.

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